Ted Schaer on Cyber Liability Defense Attorneys: An Innovative Service Set

Any company dealing with any form of security have something to back them up in case things go end up. Ted Schaer explains how cyber liability defense attorneys help with this.

Cyber security is something that companies need, and in turn, various companies exist in order to provide this necessary service. As technology grows and progresses, so too does our reliance on it; and with that reliance, there exist more opportunities for malicious actors to attack or otherwise invade your network security. With these attacks often can pose the risk that users of your company find their data compromised, which may very well create a liability issue for you and your company. Ted Schaer explains how best you can handle this situation, with the use of cyber liability defense attorneys, a rising area of law.

Ted Schaer on the use of cyber liability defense attorneys in protecting you in the event of a data breach

In the event of a data breach, you may find yourself on the wrong end of a liability lawsuit, Ted Schaer notes. When dealing with that kind of lawsuit, it certainly behooves you to employ cyber liability defense attorneys, as they are specialized enough that this is the kind of issue will produce a more desirable outcome than a generalized defense attorney may be able to produce. Themis Advocates Group is one such company that provides this kind of service, employing cyber liability defense attorneys from dozens of law firms in the United States.

Cyber liability defense attorneys work on two different levels. First off, they provide clients with services that are regarded as preventative services, Ted Schaer explains. Essentially, rather than having to deal with the embarrassment of a data breach, much less a publicized one, a good cyber liability defense attorney will help instill you with knowledge and practices that will prevent — or at least try to — a data breach. The second service is the one that you do not wish to have is a proactive one, designed to basically be damage control, Ted Schaer points out. Cyber liability defense attorneys help you understand state and federal laws regarding data breach disclosure and reporting, and how to properly comply with these, as well as setting you up with improvements to your network security. If things get litigious, Ted Schaer notes, they will also provide defense representation and work with law enforcers and investigators. Ted Schaer recommends services from organizations such as Themis Advocates Group, as they have a great deal of access to valuable resources that help them help you. This is a complex problem, and one that you are strongly recommended to seek help. By working with Themis Advocates Group and its team of cyber liability defense attorneys, you will increase your chances of avoiding a data breach or healing from one, Ted Schaer points out.


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