Ted Schaer

Ted Schaer Talks About How AI Will Revolutionize the Law Industry

Ted Schaer Discusses the ways AI Will Disrupt the Legal Profession

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way that we do business. Ted Schaer the Chairman of Zarwin Baum‘s Cyber Liability, Privacy and Data Protection Department, knows this better than anyone else. In the thirty-three years that Ted Schaer has been practicing, he has never seen the law industry become so revolutionized, almost overnight. You can find hints of artificial intelligence being used in the law industry if you know where to look. Fortunately, Ted Schaer is here to provide us with some real examples of how AI is shaping the industry that we work in.

The first thing that Ted Schaer wants to share with us is the fact that AI is making your law practice more profitable. A generative AI program can scour the web to find information on your case, rather than relying on an assistant to do the job for you. The AI will be able to take the most relative information to your case and apply it. Though AI will not be able to replicate the creativity of a human, it can provide you with instantaneous results before your brain can even comprehend it. Ted Schaer knows that if lawyers want to remain successful, they will need to adapt to the times and utilize these programs in their daily routines.

Ted Schaer has noticed that more law firms are using backend analytics to help them improve their profitability. These AI’s search for different variables that can help your business stand out from the rest. Trends, topics of interest, and other valuable information can be gathered from these analytical AI’s to help you get ahead of the curve. Ted Schaer uses analytics to help him improve his law firm’s digital presence. Utilizing pertinent information, provided by AI, has helped Ted Schaer remain on top of his game for quite a while now. Ted recommends that you pursue this avenue if you are serious about practicing law.