Ted Schaer

Ted Schaer was Set to Speak at the CLM Conference on the Internet of Things

Ted Schaer was Set to Speak at the CLM Conference on the Internet of Things in Mid-March

Ted Schaer explains what he would have highlighted as the Co-lead in a session at the CLM Annual Conference 

The Chairman of Zarwin Baum’s Cyber Liability, Privacy and Data Protection Department, Ted Schaer, was going to be a leader at the March 19th session called “Consumer Electronics and the Internet of Things – The Next wave of Digital Evidence in Claims in Litigation”. Unfortunately, this annual event was canceled due to the COVID -19 outbreak, but Ted Schaer wanted to pass along the highlights of what he was going to discuss. This conference serves as a means for professionals from the claims and litigation management industries to gather to discuss and learn about matters affecting these areas. Here are some of the highlights for all interested parties. 

The Importance of the Internet of Things from the Perspective of Ted Schaer

Ted Schaer believes that people have become hyper-connected to their digital devices, including wearables, and that this impacts the field of law. In particular, it affects litigation in that the devices can provide information that can further be used as evidence in cases. Gone are the days of tireless searches through phone records and medical records to find even small details to be used in building claims in legal cases. 

The world uses a wide range of electronic devices for communication, which also can interface with education, entertainment, fitness, gaming, etc. These sources can help provide a broader picture that can make litigation more streamlined.  Data is already being collected for about every single person. Ted Schaer upholds the stance that if it can be utilized in a beneficial way and helps someone to receive compensation, or for justice to be served, it’s well worthwhile.

Ted Schaer Talks About the Future of the Internet of Things

Ted Schaer discusses how wearables, smart home apps, digital pacemakers, and similar things can be used in the legal realm today. He believes this is expected to evolve going into the future. It’s an exciting time for technology and we’re sure to see even more changes in how it can make the difference in legal cases.

Ted Schaer represents the Cyber Liability, Privacy, and Data Protection department with a professional and compassionate manner. Be sure to contact Ted Schaer if you have questions regarding the firm’s cybersecurity practices and litigation procedures regarding data collection.